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“Happiness and health are our natural state and I strongly believe, that everything is possible, when we know how!”

From my early 16 years on I was driven by a deep wish of understanding life and finding “really working tools” to release my own suffering and the one I saw around me.

So now I am looking back at 40 professional years a combination of three ways:

The first one is the spiritual experience of what our “real nature” is, when all the programs, coming from traumas, culture, environment, education……., are released. Therefor I deeply went into the Yoga practice, Meditation and the Japanese way of tea ceremony.

The second one leads me to integrate the body in the healing process. Therefor I studied different massage techniques, working especially in the field of cancer in a German hospital. I also became a practitioner of Chinese medicine, applying Shiatsu. Sound -and energy medicine followed and also TRE (Trauma releasing exercises).

The third one came from the knowledge that our thinking has a direct influence on our whole-body system. My work as a coach really got powerful when Quantum physics went in.

My studies of the resurge of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden etc. pointing to that 95% of our beliefs coming from our subconscious, were completed when I was trained by Dr. Melanie Salmon, the founder of QEC.

Certified SSP provider

As a QEC Practitioner, I am especially grateful to Dr. Melanie Salmon, the Founder of QEC, that really is a deep, powerful life changing method and was the missing puzzle in my work.

I very much welcome you to QECoaching with me, which can be hold in English, German and Spanish language at TAO CENTER and Zoom /Skype are also possible.